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Since its establishment in 1995, Glenwood Technologies International, Inc. has been the leader in exclusive distribution of premium rapid diagnostics and hygiene monitoring kits from trusted manufacturers worldwide, providing quality and technologically advanced products to meet the emerging needs for food and feed safety, among others.

August 5, 2020

Free Webinar: Food Allergen Management in the Food Industry

Food allergens are now recognized as a major food safety concern, the management of which should be a shared responsibility between consumers, government, and food manufacturers. Know more on how to implement an allergen management program in your facility and be compliant with the existing local and international regulations. Come and join us on our "Food Allergen Management in the Food Industry" webinar!
August 3, 2020

Free Webinar: Hygiene and Sanitation in the Healthcare Industry

An effective Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) program must be strictly implemented and adhered to in a healthcare facility to protect the patients and healthcare workers from possible transmission of COVID-19 and other diseases. As one of the integral parts of an IPC program, Hygiene and Sanitation is one key factor to minimize risks associated to the healthcare industry. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment can break the chain of infection, providing safety to the patients and healthcare workers. Learn more about this by joining our webinar!
July 27, 2020

Food Safety and Hygiene and Sanitation new Webinar Schedules

Thank you for your continuous support and participation in our Food Safety and Hygiene and Sanitation Webinar Series. Please be advised on the NEW SCHEDULE of our FOUR upcoming webinars. Register on this link and wait for the confirmation e-mail on how to access the webinar.

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COVID-19 and Food Safety

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