Within the manufacturing industry, the presence and adherence to hygiene and sanitation programs are of utmost importance. Insufficient cleaning methods can pose significant risks, allowing pathogens and allergens to persist in the environment, particularly on inadequately cleaned food contact surfaces. This jeopardizes food safety and may even lead to food recalls. This can be avoided by utilizing advanced hygiene and sanitation verification systems.

A comprehensive hygiene and sanitation program leaves nothing to chance. We could help you in ensuring that your cleaning program is efficient and effective through advanced technologies such as A3 detection, mobile flow cytometry, and protein residue testing. To learn more about these, check our Lumitester™ Smart A3 Hygiene Monitoring System, CytoQuant® Mobile Flow Cytometer, and RapidChek™ Total Protein Test Kit.

Industry-leading hygiene and sanitation verification system utilizing the innovative A3 technology

Maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety of food throughout the food supply chain. Food producers are now utilizing ATP monitoring systems in their hygiene and sanitation control program in order to verify the effectiveness of their cleaning and disinfection practices. Adenosine triphosphate, commonly known as ATP, is the energy currency utilized by various life forms; serving as an indicator of the presence of microorganisms and organic matter. However, ATP can be unstable due to its susceptibility to degradation.

Discover the advanced A3 technology, which goes beyond detecting ATP alone. With the capability to detect not only ATP but also ADP (adenosine diphosphate) and AMP (adenosine monophosphate), it ensures highly accurate results and superior detection compared to other ATP-based hygiene and monitoring systems. Experience enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in maintaining hygiene standards with this innovative A3 technology.


Lumitester Smart

The only hygiene and monitoring system with A3 Technology (ATP + ADP + AMP)

Lumitester Smart, Kikkoman Biochemifa’s novel hygiene and monitoring system, utilizes the patented A3 technology which measures not just ATP but also ADP and AMP. These adenylates are found to be present in higher amounts in many types of food and microorganisms. Due to the constant hydrolyzation of ATP to ADP and AMP by metabolic processes, heat treatment, or exposure to acidic or alkaline conditions, measurement of ATP, ADP, and AMP provides accurate results compared to other traditional ATP test systems that are available in the market today.

  • AOAC-approved (AOAC PTM #051901)
  • GBAC-STAR registered (Global Biorisk Advisory Council)
  • iF design awardee under “Product” in the product design category
  • Cost-effective, convenient, and easy to use
  • Test results can be controlled and managed in an application using a smartphone or tablet by connecting through Bluetooth
  • Data management is made easier through Cloud storage accessible from multiple devices

LuciPac A3

Revolutionary and sustainable technology for better detection
  • Reduces the risk of reporting underestimated results
  • Dry and pre-moistened samplers for surfaces, nozzles, pipelines, and other hard to reach areas
  • Water samplers available for CIP rinses
  • Stable at room temperature for up to 5 days
  • Made with 100% biomass-based polypropylene plastic using the mass balance approach, certified by ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification). This innovative approach ensures responsible sourcing and utilization of renewable materials throughout the supply chain, minimizing environmental impact.

LuciSwab ES

For Endoscope Cleaning Verification

This sampling device is specifically engineered for the verification of endoscope cleaning together with LuciPac A3 Water.

  • The 2.5 m stem is ideal for swabbing the inaccessible channels of medical endoscopes, allowing thorough swabbing that is not achievable with other ATP swab test kits.
  • Available in different variations for different endoscope channel diameters (2-2.2 mm, 2.8-3.2 mm, 3.7-4.2 mm)

Lumitester Smart Application

Hygiene and sanitation data access within your grasp

Conveniently monitor and store your data anytime and anywhere using Kikkoman's smart application and data manager available in iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Instantly view pass rate percentages for your facility, groups, sites, or users
  • Seamlessly set test points and benchmark values with ease
  • Easily link test points and test results
  • Display time-series data for each test, providing valuable insights
  • Visualize overall inspection scores through graphs
  • Access and monitor results from different processing plants and facilities via secured cloud storage
  • Maintain records for audit compliance

Redefining hygiene monitoring with cutting-edge technology and unmatched accuracy

A groundbreaking innovation has emerged in hygiene and sanitation — the world’s first mobile flow cytometer. This technological marvel has revolutionized the verification of cleaning procedures by offering instant, on-site quantification of bacteria and particles on various surfaces. With its unparalleled capabilities, the mobile flow cytometer redefines the standards of cleanliness and provides real-time insights into the effectiveness of hygiene practices.



The world’s first mobile flow cytometer for quantification of bacteria and residues in 30 seconds

CytoQuant® revolutionizes the way we verify cleaning procedures by providing immediate, on-site quantification of bacteria and particles on surfaces. With its cutting-edge impedance-based detection and flow cytometry technology, CytoQuant® delivers rapid and accurate results without the need for pre-treatment, incubation, or chemical reagents.

  • Utilizes impedance flow cytometry to accurately detect and differentiate viable bacteria from other particles in a sample
  • Directly quantifies viable bacteria and particles for accurate verification of cleaning and disinfection procedures as per IFS 7.1 standards
  • Obtains results in just 30 seconds, empowering you with preventive control and pre-operational actions for enhanced hygiene management
  • Measurements are not influenced by disinfectants or temperature, reducing result variability
  • Easy-to-use, no additional equipment and training needed to perform the test
  • Effortlessly save, export, and document test results with the straightforward connectivity options provided by CytoQuant®, facilitating comprehensive data management

Cost-effective Solutions for Protein Detection

An additional approach to assess the effectiveness of sanitation practices is through the detection of protein residue. As proteins perform important functions for bacteria, identifying these residues serves as an indication of inadequate sanitation practices and the presence of a potential nutrient source for microorganisms.

RapidChek Total Protein WHITE BG

RapidChek Total Protein

Assessing cleanliness with ease

Easy-to-use colorimetric assay specifically designed to effectively screen surfaces for protein residues.

  • Time-to-result: 30 seconds
  • No additional equipment required
  • No temperature-dependent incubation step
  • No chemicals come into contact with tested surface
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Limit of detection: 3 μg

At Glenwood Technologies International, Inc., we understand the critical importance of hygiene and sanitation in various industries. With our innovative tools, you can confidently ensure the safety and integrity of your operations, protect your brand reputation, and prioritize the well-being of your customers. Partner with us to elevate your hygiene and sanitation standards to new heights.

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