At Glenwood Technologies, we understand that a reliable laboratory requires a range of equipment to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in every analysis. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality laboratory equipment that caters to all of your research and analytical needs.


Lumitester Smart

The only hygiene and monitoring system with A3 Technology (ATP + ADP + AMP)

Lumitester™ Smart, Kikkoman Biochemifa’s novel hygiene and monitoring system, utilizes the patented A3 technology which measures not just ATP but also ADP and AMP which are found to be present in higher amounts in many types of food and microorganisms due to the constant hydrolyzation of ATP to ADP and AMP by metabolic processes, heat treatment, or exposure to acidic or alkaline conditions. Measurement of ATP, ADP, and AMP provides accurate results compared to other traditional ATP test systems that are available in the market today.

  • AOAC-approved (AOAC PTM #051901)
  • GBAC-STAR™ registered (Global Biorisk Advisory Council)
  • Cost-effective, convenient, and easy to use
  • Provides accurate results in just 10 seconds
  • Test results can be controlled and managed in an application using a smartphone or tablet by connecting through Bluetooth
  • Data management is made easier through Cloud storage accessible from multiple devices

For more information on this equipment, please refer to our Hygiene & Sanitation Monitoring page.


AgraVision™ Pro Reader

Revolutionizing on-site mycotoxin analysis

The AgraVision™ Pro is a state-of-the-art lateral flow device reader designed specifically for the AgraStrip® Pro WATEX mycotoxin test system. This advanced reader revolutionizes mycotoxin testing with its shared extraction and dilution procedure, ensuring accurate and efficient results in less than 10 minutes.

  • Offers intuitive operation and simultaneous testing of up to 4 samples in less than 10 minutes
  • Features a 7" display, user-friendly interface, integrated incubator, seamless connectivity, and blockchain support
  • Intuitive user interface with walk-away operation

Stat Fax® 4700 Microwell ELISA Reader

  • Standalone device with a built-in printer, for convenient operation
  • Reads up to 3x12 microwell strips simultaneously, ensuring high throughput
  • Provides accurate measurements with filters at 405, 450, 492, and 630 nm
  • Pre-programmed with AgraQuant® allergen, mycotoxin, and histamine ELISA test kit parameters

ChroMate® ELISA Reader

  • Seamlessly integrates with your PC, facilitating data transfer and analysis for comprehensive insights
  • Supports various microwell plate formats, adapting to your specific assay needs
  • Guarantees accurate and reliable results with its wide range of filters at 405, 450, 492, 545, 600, and 630 nm
  • Suitable for AgraQuant® allergen, mycotoxin, and histamine ELISA test kits

Biotek® 800 TS ELISA Reader

  • Provides versatility with its PC-free operation and data export capability to a USB drive
  • Compatible with various microwell plate formats, offering flexibility in assay selection
  • Enhanced user experience with colored touchscreen and easy programming
  • Ensures accurate measurements with filters at 405, 450, 492, and 630 nm
  • Includes incubation and shaking functions for optimal assay conditions

Centrifuge Line

Our centrifuge line includes a range of models for different applications, such as:

  • Low-speed centrifuges for separating cells and debris
  • High-speed centrifuges for isolating nucleic acids or proteins
  • Refrigerated centrifuges for temperature-sensitive samples
  • Hematocrit centrifuges for determining blood composition
  • Clinical centrifuges for routine laboratory applications
  • Palm micro centrifuges for centrifugation of relatively small amounts of sample

Each centrifuge is designed for efficient and precise separation of your samples as required for further analysis.


Microplate Mixer

Ideal for shaking and vortexing various samples simultaneously in a microplate, our microplate mixer is designed for consistent and precise mixing, ensuring reliable results every time.

With its high-speed electronic control and compatibility with adapters for the most common vessels, this mixer is a must-have for laboratories with various mixing requirements.

Speed Range

  • Single Plate: 0 – 1,500 rpm
  • Double Plate: 0 – 1,000 rpm

Digital Shaker

Your solution for precise and efficient mixing in the laboratory.

  • Orbital Digital Shaker: Provides a gentle, circular motion, ideal for homogeneous mixing of delicate samples
  • Linear Digital Shaker: Offers linear reciprocating motion, perfect for applications requiring more vigorous shaking
  • Rocking Digital Shaker: Delivers a smooth rocking motion, suitable for gentle agitation of liquid cultures and staining procedures
  • 3D Digital Shaker: combines multidirectional shaking for thorough and efficient mixing of samples

Vortex Mixer

Perfect for mixing small volumes of liquids, making it an essential tool for any laboratory

  • MX-F Model: Fixed Speed Vortex (2,500 rpm)
  • MX – S Model: Adjustable Speed Vortex (0 – 2,500 rpm)
  • MX –E Model: Fixed Speed Vortex (3,000 rpm)

Hot Plate

Offers uniform and stable heating, with precise temperature control for a range of applications, such as sample preparation and heating

  • Maximum Temperature: 550°C
  • Other variants with a magnetic stirrer available

Dry Bath

With a variety of block sizes and heating options available, our dry baths provide precise and uniform heating for a range of sample types and sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Temperature control up to 120°C
  • With timer function
  • Various optional block types available
  • With lid for protection and heat preservation

Water Bath

Provides a stable and precise temperature-controlled environment for various applications, such as cell culture, enzymatic assays, and immunoassays

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid Heating
  • With overheating protection
  • High temperature accuracy and resistance

Infrared Sterilizer

For fast and effective sterilization of your several microbiological tools, this sterilizer can replace alcohol lamps and Bunsen burners in your laboratory.

Features & Benefits

  • Completes sterilization within 5-7 seconds
  • Can be used in biosafety cabinets
  • Safe to operate with no visual fire
  • Adjustable heating zone angle
  • ST800-E model: Fixed temperature of 830°C
  • ST800-S model: Adjustable temperature from 300 - 830°C

Lab Scale Rotary Evaporator

Designed to efficiently separate solvents from a mixture by evaporation, rotary evaporators allow you to obtain pure and concentrated samples. The compact and user-friendly design of our Lab Scale Rotary Evaporator makes it easy to use and ideal for small-scale applications including sample preparation, concentration, and extraction.

Features & Benefits

  • LCD/LED digital options
  • 5 L Heating Bath
  • Compatible with all glassware
  • With overheating protection

Industrial Rotary Evaporator

A powerful and versatile tool for solvent removal in industrial settings, this rotary evaporator is designed to handle large volumes of solvents and to accommodate flasks of up to 20L in size.

Features & Benefits

  • 20L Evaporating flask volume
  • Water evaporation capacity at 4L/hour
  • Rotation speed range: 10 – 150 rpm
  • Heating temperature of up to 180°C

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