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The Arabic word "halal" denotes something that is permitted or legal under Shari'ah or Islamic Law. Under this law, Muslims are not allowed to consume food that contains pork and pork by-products, blood, alcohol, as well as animals that were improperly slaughtered. The demand for halal-certified food products is continuously growing; even non-Muslims are choosing halal products, as halal certification surpasses mere religious values and has become more of a standard for hygiene and health. A number of studies have also shown that halal-certified products have a very low incidence of food poisoning and contamination cases.

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PorcineTrace Rapid Test Kits

PorcineTrace rapid test kits are designed for the quick screening of the presence of pork in raw meat, processed meat/canned food, gelatin, fat/oil-based products, and surface swabs. It provides qualitative results in 15-30 minutes.
Features & Benefits

  • Lateral flow format
  • Detection of heat-resistant protein (up to 132˚C for 2 hours)
  • No reader required
PorcineTrace Real-time PCR 3-01 2

PorcineTrace Real-time PCR Kits and DNA Extraction Kits

PorcineTrace Real-time PCR kits fully-quantify the presence of any porcine DNA that may be present in food, oils, gelatin, fat, and lard-based products using a real-time PCR assay. It provides qualitative or quantitative results in 2-3 hours.
Features & Benefits

  • Duplex qPCR assay
  • No gel electrophoresis needed
  • Can be used with the PorcineTrace food or gelatin extraction kit, or a generic DNA extraction kit
  • 100% specificity and sensitivity
  • 1pg limit of detection

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