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Quality water is safe water.

But how can we tell if water is of good quality and is safe for consumption? You can't tell just by looking. Water quality, depending on its particular use, may be measured based on selected physical, chemical, and biological characteristics.

In the Philippines, quality water can be achieved by following the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW). Since 1963, it has continually guided all drinking water service providers like the government, private developers and operators, water refilling stations, ice manufacturers, health and sanitation authorities, food establishments, and water testing laboratories in providing safe and quality water to protect the health of the consumers.

Water Quality Testing


Colitag™ is a Presence/Absence or MPN enzyme substrate test that detects as few as 1 MPN of total coliform and E. coli bacteria per 100 mL water sample. Results can be read any time between 16 and 48 hours. Colitag™ is relied upon by laboratories in different countries worldwide.
Features & Benefits
  • Fastest microbiological test kit for water samples
  • Uncompromising packaging with long shelf-life
  • Unique and simple - no need for complicated equipment
Water Quality Testing

eXact® Photometers

The concentration of certain chemicals in water can be measured through specific chemical reactions, typically chromogenic in nature. eXact® Photometers accurately measure these reactions to give quantitative results for specific chemicals in water. The following are some of the available photometers:
  • eXact® Micro 20+
  • Chlorine + eXact® EZ
  • eXact® Eco-Check Dual Wavelength
  • eXact® iDip® Smart Photometer System
  • Other photometers
Features & Benefits
  • Easy-to-use equipment: fill, dip, and read results
  • Unitized reagents in strip formats
  • No measuring or dissolution prior to analysis
  • Accurate results
Water Quality Testing

Sensafe and WaterWorks™ Test Strips

Sensafe and WaterWorks™ Test Strips are on-site water quality systems for the semi-quantitative detection of different parameters in water. Sensafe test strips have colorimetric indicators that are impregnated in the membrane and positioned over an aperture. The aperture allows free flow across the membrane, which improves colorimetric reaction with the indicator up to 100-fold, when compared to other conventional strips. Waterworks test strips are regular test strips with multi-parameter options for easier and faster testing. Parameters for the test strips are:
  • Free Chlorine (EPA-approved)
  • pH and Alkalinity
  • Total Hardness
  • 4-in-1 City Water Check
  • Other chemical properties
Features & Benefits
  • Rapid and effective
  • With advanced aperture technology
  • Allows multi-parameter testing
Please contact us for the complete list of parameters.

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