Change Your Oil at the Right Time

Reusing oil degrades its quality and poses health hazards. Each time you reuse an oil, it gets more and more destabilized until it decomposes. Sometimes, physical appearance may not be enough to determine if it is still safe for reuse.

During the frying process, the oil is exposed to atmospheric oxygen and moisture at high temperatures (over 160 °C) for a long time. As a result, many chemical reactions take place during the frying process. These reactions produce free fatty acids (FFA), polymers, and free radicals collectively known as total polar compounds (TPC), that can favor the development of several health problems such as stomach and lung cancer. With this, many countries have already made the monitoring of oil quality (TPC) a legal obligation among food producers, while others are on the way to do it.

Oil Quality Testing


Rapid Test Kit for Oil Quality

OleoTest is an on-site colorimetric assay that helps ensure good quality of fried food and customer satisfaction. It is widely used in food facilities, hotels, restaurants, fast-food chains, and catering industries.
Features & Benefits

  • Economical and easy to use - no instrument or equipment required
  • Measures percentage of Total Polar Compounds (combination of FFA, peroxides, polymers, oxidation products, etc.)
  • Provides result in 2 minutes
  • Stable for 12 months at room temperature

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