In line with our advocacy, we came up with Food Safety Trends Philippines, the very first magazine on food safety and quality awareness from farm to table which focuses on the Philippine setting. Together with the help of notable food safety experts and ambassadors across the globe, the magazine was tailored to address the food safety concerns encountered by the Philippine food industry. We are hopeful that, in our modest way, Food Safety Trends Philippines will contribute to the greater recognition of the Philippine approach to uplift our food safety enhancement systems

Glenwood offers a wide array of rapid diagnostic kits that could help streamline your workflow.

Why Employ Quality Assurance Testing?

In the Philippines, there had been numerous reported cases of food-borne outbreaks and some even claimed lives. There is a possible risk of contamination in all parts of the food supply chain from farm to fork. Therefore, it is important for everyone involved in the food supply chain to improve consumer confidence in the safety of our foods and promote global competitiveness of our local food manufacturers. 

The following are the significant reasons why a food-related business should ensure quality assurance testing: 

  • Protection of brand name
  • Prevention of product recalls
  • Compliance with local and international standards
  • Improvement of consumer confidence

Why Use Rapid Test Kits?

Conventional methods are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly, and advances in these methods have been limited to the development of instruments. In this age of advanced technology, rapid methods in microbiological testing are already available. These methods minimize manipulation, provide results in less time, and reduce cost. However, it is empirical that the tools used are accurate, sensitive and true to its rapidness.

Why Choose Glenwood?

The need for accurate and reliable tools in ensuring higher quality products is a definite requirement of business. Competitive advantage in the market is a product of conscious adherence to the standards of approved quality assurance issue, especially on food safety.

Glenwood is committed to help its clients establish acceptable food safety  standards that are fully- supported with approvals form reputable agencies worldwide. As a market leader in food and feed testing and hygiene monitoring, Glenwood has become one of the most reliable sources of highly supported testing tools on food and feed production.

When seeking second opinion, Glenwood has the technical expertise. It is free-of-charge, no obligation review of your testing requirements whether it is a new installation or an already existing system. In return, you are confident to come up with an intelligent and sound decision for your business needs.