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Hygiene Training Materials


There are millions of germs that are present on the human hand. These germs include bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is believed that about 50,000 bacteria per square inch inhabit the hand.

Most food handling operations involve the use of bare hands particularly the fingertips. Microbial contamination of fingertips is therefore higher than in other parts of the hands. According to Dr. Pete Snyder, a world renowned food safety guru, the key to remove germs from soiled hand is proper handwashing. Therefore, it is important for food handlers to exercise proper handwashing in order to avoid possible contamination brought about by unclean hands.

comprehensive food hygiene and sanitation program leaves nothing to chance. We could help you in ensuring that your hygiene and sanitation system is efficient and effective. Let us know about your hygiene training requirements by giving us a call or e-mail. A member of our technical team will attend to you right away.

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