It is our mission to help ensure that every food served to every Filipino is safe for consumption. We do it by striving to be the key provider of premier diagnostic solutions and systems to the different industries involved in the food supply chain. With our continuous efforts to update our technical expertise and solutions, we aim to change the landscape of the food safety culture in the country.


We envision that every Filipino is a well aware individual who consumes and serves safe food, and promotes food safety among others.


Passion. We love to go the extra mile. We are always inspired to do great things and be the best that we can be. Our love for what we do drives us to deliver and promote innovative and reliable food safety solutions.

Empathy. We foster open-mindedness and understanding in every situation we encounter, with every person we deal with.

Integrity. We do business with utmost genuineness. We build lasting relationships with our stakeholders based on trust, fairness, and candor.

Bayanihan. We believe that the success of the company is also the success of our team. Thus, we set aside any differences and put our strengths altogether in order to achieve the desired output.

Prudence. We assess every situation keenly and make sound judgment objectively.

Thoroughness. We work with diligence, accuracy, and focus on detail. We always ensure that excellence is exemplified in our outputs.