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Other Tests


Chemicals in food impose a lot of risks to consumers. All of us want to reduce our exposure to potentially risky chemicals.

We have tests kits that will suit your current needs. Let us know about your other testing concerns by giving us a call or e-mail. A member of our technical team will get back to you immediately.

The following are some of the common chemicals found in the food supply chain:

Most crops are treated with pesticides. Pesticides enable farmers to increase crop yields, preserve product quality, and extend shelf life. At the same time, pesticides can pose harmful effects upon exposure and ingestion.
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) undergo a lot of biochemical processes. GMO production is increasing around the globe, thus brought out the necessity to establish regulatory standards in order to facilitate trade and safety of GMO products for human consumption.
Meat and bone meal is a valuable protein source in feed production. However, it was determined as a cause of the spread of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease. In order to prevent the spread of BSE, most countries have imposed restrictions, and even outright bans, on the use of ruminant by-products and proteins in feed for ruminants.
Ractopamine is a beta-agonist drug added to feed to promote lean muscle in animals raised for meat. While many countries allow the use of ractopamine within specified limits, regulatory agencies in some countries have banned the residues of this drug.
COVID-19 and Food Safety